Untitled | No 7 is a kinetic sound sculpture that produces sound through a rosined motor-driven system that activates nylon strings attached to several elastic membranes stretched over acrylic tubes (resonators), which make the vibration of the strings audible.

The work is situated at the intersections of sound art, performance, and kinetic sculpture. It questions how an installation (fixed) or a sculpture can emerge out of a composition-performance (dynamic) and vice versa. It offers a sonic experience that oscillates between two poles: mechanical-precision and natural-organic behaviour. When the sculpture is operated as an instrument, the performer can shape and influence the sound by increasing or decreasing the tension of the strings. A sound composition emerges from the interaction between the performer and the sound sculpture, in a constant process of gaining and losing control. Not being able to have full control does not mean a limitation. It is exactly the openness and unforeseen quality of the resulting sounds that we are craving for.