Written by Fotini Gouseti

The town of Kalavryta (in the Northern Peloponnese, Greece) is the symbol of the establishment of the Greek state in 1821. It has a unique charge within modern Greek history because it went through a devastating massacre committed by the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. The project’s starting point is the paradoxical 2012 national election results which reflected a significant amount of votes supporting the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn.
The Present as a Result of the Past aims to contribute to what the inhabitants describe as “a need for catharsis”.

I utilize artistic research, as well as anthropological and historical tools in order to understand the multilayered memory and trauma within Kalavrytan society; while I focus on the role of art production in negotiating issues of memory.
The artistic results of this research have a dual purpose. The contents deriving from the work in Kalavryta opens up to a broader and international audience, while on a local level they facilitate intimate discussions on muted aspects of history. Since 2016 the research component of the project is developed through a PhD in Anthropology.


The Present as a Result of the Past (2012-2021), “About 1500”, (part of The Present as a Result of the Past), Grimmuseum, medium: wood prints, dimensions: variable, Fotini Gouseti
© Torben Höke