Written by Fotini Gouseti

Renkonto is the Esperanto word for an encounter. This whole project materialized in Krusevo. It set as objective to find a commonplace for positive interplay and bring together people (artists and non-artists) from two neighboring countries with tense diplomatic relations, Greece and North Macedonia.  The whole procedure aimed at exploring what happens when you personally meet the one that you have learned not to like?

 The project developed in three parts and lasted for three days. It began with a meeting between artists from both countries. The meeting and conversations moved around theoretical issues, for the better artistic acquaintance of the participants, and the exchange of opinions on contemporary art.

 Then there was the actual wedding ceremony between the artist herself, a native Greek, and Oliver Bozinovski from North Macedonia. This (religious) ritual is an important moment; a celebration that calls for social recognition and creates social obligations not only for the couple but for the couples social surrounding too. At the same time, artworks were created as integral parts of the ceremony in order that the boundaries between art and everyday life are crossed.

 The wedding unfolded as an artistic event, encouraging the interaction between people in the context of a celebration. The third and concluding part of Renkonto was an open party on the main square of Krusevo, enlivened by the Japanese gipsy band Pyramidos. This band, who performs music and songs from both countries, contributed critically to the communication of the project and its reception by an audience of artists, the couples kinfolk and local inhabitants.

Renkonto, 2014, public event, Krusevo | artists’ meeting – photo credits: O.P.A. © Fotini Gouseti
Renkonto, 2014, public event, Krusevo | wedding – photo credits: O.P.A. © Fotini Gouseti
Renkonto, 2014, public event, Krusevo | party – photo credits: Ana Lazarevska © Fotini Gouseti