Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri
Sound Kinetic Sculpture
Materials : aluminum, rosin, silicone, steel, motors, nylon 200 x 200 x 200 cm

Collaboration with Pe Lang
Commissioned by Donaueschingen Exhibited at Art Plus Museum Donaueschingen

modular | n°2 – speaking of membranes is a site-specific sound sculpture, speaking of membranes, is a site-specific sound sculpture that consists of 120 miniature speakers acoustically activated by a rosined motor-driven mechanism. A nylon thread is fastened through a hole at the center of the membrane; the end of the nylon thread is loosely secured on a motor-turned rosined wheel to produce friction. A sound is produced by the action of the rim of the rotating wheel rubbing the thread as the wheel is turned. The two surfaces alternate between sticking to each other and sliding over each other, with a corresponding change in the force of friction. The motor speed is reduced to the lowest speed. The slow turn of the wheel creates changes in the tension of the thread, resulting in sounds (crackling impulses) in the membrane of the speaker.

modular | n°2 – speaking of membranes

speaking of membranes

Modular N3