Infinity is a composition for halldorophone and voice. Halldorophone inherently produces long-lasting tones and drones through feedback. In “infinity”, voice experimentation is introduced as an additional source of oscillations that potentially affects the sonorities produced by the instrument. The process of producing sound on this instrument is very random. “infinity” is based on this entropic system and reflects the dialectical relationship that results from the process of controlling and accepting randomness within a framework of compositional elements and decisions.  During the 5-month long experimentation with the instrument, a log of trials and observations was kept and it was later used as a reference in making the score of the piece.


The graphic score of the composition has the shape of infinity. Two autonomous compositions-“voices” that were constructed to be heard at the same time, start their sound path from different points of the shape of infinity and in opposite directions, interacting and functioning either harmonically or contrapuntally. Each of these “voices” was played in a different space in the same location. One of these spaces is perceived as earth-chthonic and the other as above-ground.


The video follows the musical composition, demonstrating the essential details of the parallel actions, which interact, as additional events, with each other and enhance the cosmogonical and ritualistic character of the music.


Composer – performer Nicoleta Chatzopoulou

Halldór Úlfarsson  – Inventor of the Halldorophone

Film director-editor Makis Faros

Director of photography Panayiotis Tsangas

Camera operator multicamera engineer George Charisis

Recording, Mixing, Mastering – Costas Bokos – Studio19st

Styling – headpiece D’Arcy Foxx

makeup artist Nicoletta Louka

Orfeas Moraitis  – halldorophone Engineer

2nd camera unit operator Julia Tsagka

Electrician Leandros Papadakis

Executive Producer

Panayiotis Tsangas “Ikonostichio

A commission by the Onassis foundation, Sgt, for Borderline festival 2021, curated by Michalis Moshoutis.