Dwelling Stories is a geo-locative audiowalk composed by akoo.o (Sofia Grigoriadou, Nikos Boubaris, Dana Papachristou, Yorgos Samantas).

“Athens has been considered an international destination due to its “fabulous ruins”. However, during the past few years, interest for the contemporary city has aroused as well for many different reasons. Focusing on this shift we designed an audiowalk for the garden of the Archaeological Museum of Athensduring the exhibition “A dream among splendid ruins… strolling through the Athens of travelers, 17th-19th century”. In the audiowalk, one can listen to interviews with current residents of Athens who were not born in Greece. The stories unfold their prior expectations and their experience from living in the city.

Beautiful, ugly, too hot, interesting, lively, spectacular, a jungle with no Tarzan, noisy, a shelter, a place where one can offer help, a place where one’s freedom is endangered, the place to find the best doctors, friendly, hostile, exotic…?