Written by Zoi Dimitriou

Peregrinus derives its title from a Latin word that has meant many things: a “pilgrim” and a “wanderer”, a “foreigner/stranger” and a “traveller”, and both “a person from somewhere else” and a “temporary resident”. In its turn, peregrinatio describes the condition of “being or living far from home”.

In Peregrinus Dimitriou explores issues of flight and exile, willing wandering and imposed nomadism. Because it is stories/accounts like these, which the choreographer recorded in interviews and researched, that we hear in the darkened van on our way to its destination: an installation-labyrinth. There, audience and performers become fellow travellers traversing together the twisting routes and impasses of a peripatetic experience which has everything to do with the suspended progress of the individual in times of crisis and turmoil. What happens when denial is the starting point for a journey? What can “take up your bed and walk” mean when there don’t seem to be any miracles being performed when you get there? What happens when you ask your body to walk, but all it wants to do is stay put?

The British theatre and performance researcher, Joe Kelleher, worked on the dramaturgy for the show, for which three outstanding Greek artists were recruited: Eva Manidaki (set and costumes), Eleftheria Deko (lighting design) and CotiK (sound design).

Production: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens / Fast Forward Festival

Supported by: Firkin Crane (Ireland), Laban Theatre (London), Metal Southend (Southend) and the

Duncan Research Centre for Dance (Athens)

World premiere at Onassis Cultural Centre / Fast Forward Festival 4 (Athens)

Peregrinus (2017), Zoi Dimitriou © Stavros Habakis
Peregrinus (2017), Zoi Dimitriou © Eva Manidaki
Peregrinus (2017), Zoi Dimitriou © Stavros Habakis