Conference on Artistic Research in the field of Dance

The conference dealt with themes related to artistic research in the field of dance in today’s Greece, such as the production of practice and knowledge inside and outside the academy, the distinction between the research process and the research result, the importance of interdisciplinarity etc.

Participants: Tzeni Argyriou, Zoi Dimitriou, Penelope Iliaskou, Iris Karayan, Androniki Marathaki, Sofia Mavragani, Menti Mega, Eleni Mylona, Dimitris Mytilinaios, Mariela Nestora, Katerina Paramana, Efrosyni Protopapa, Elpida Rikous, Fotini Stamatelopoulou, Stergiani Tsintziloni, Eva Fotiadi.

Curated by Stergiani Tsintziloni, researcher and dance theoretician. With the support of Duncan Dance Research Center (Artistic Director: Penelope Iliaskou).

Technical Support: Athena Bozika (Research Centre for the Humanities)

This conference is the conclusion of a series of lectures on dance research held online in November and December 2020, in collaboration with Elpida Rikou, anthropologist and artist, member of TWIXTlab, in the context of her research on artistic research in Greece, which started in 2019 with the support of the Research Centre for the Humanities (RCH).



18:00 Welcome (St. Tsintziloni, P. Iliaskou, E. Rikou)

18:15 Knowledge Production by Artistic Research on the field of Dance, outside (?) the Academy

Dimitris Mytilinaios, Efrosyni Protopapa, Eleni Mylona

Introductory remarks: Katerina Paramana

While dance research, as well as research in general, has been linked to the academy and the prestige, value, or the market that this implies, nevertheless the practice of most creators (especially in the case of Greece) moves in the field of the independent scholarship. This fact has multiple implications in matters of archiving, dissemination, theoretical and reflective discourse. Can research outside the academy counterbalance some of the problems the academy poses? Is there a difference in knowledge when research is done inside/outside the academy?


19:15 Distinction between process and result

Sofia Mavragani, Iris Karayan, Androniki Marathaki, Zoi Dimitriou

Introductory remarks: Menti Mega

The distinction between choreographic research, which produces a work and that which yields alternative forms (eg texts), delimits a series of questions. These relate to concepts such as production, work, economy, creativity, etc. Does this distinction make sense, and how does it work? Are there economic, ideological and social dimensions to this distinction?


20:15 Interdisciplinarity

Fotini Stamatelopoulou, Tzeni Argyriou, Mariela Nestora

Introductory remarts: Eva Fotiadi

Does artistic research in the field of Dance have any particularity? And which are the differences or similarities in practices, or even the “loans” from other arts and from the sciences? For example, is a distinction between dance and performance practices in the visual arts appropriate? How are choreographers specifically inspired by the humanities or STEM sciences? What is the significance of these correlations and interconnections, in terms of the scope of dance research in general, but also  in terms of the relationship between the work and the audience?


21:15 The Present and Future of Artistic Research in the field of Dance

Discussion between participants and organizers

22:00 End of Conference



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