Marilena Aligizaki

Marilena Aligizaki was born in Athens in 1984. She studied Conservation of Antiquities and Fine Art at TEI of Athens and later Painting at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. In 2012 she received a scholarship for an ERASMUS semester in the department of Art Plastique of the university Paris8, in Paris. In 2015 she received a annual scholarship, at the university of Bauhaus, in Weimar, in the department MFA-Program, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies. In 2016 she graduated from the Master of Fine Arts (MFA), at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Since 2017 she is a PhD student at the School of Fine Arts in Athens (PhD title: The political aspects of the football phenomenon and its aesthetic expression through the fans’ identities), under scholarship from State Scholarships Foundation (IKY). Working in the field of public art with installations, performance and video. Marilena Aligizaki explores the limits of human existence and sets focus of a new fluid scape, such as sports, which is stimulating the formation of new attitudes and behaviors which are aspiring to emerge and to express the underlying tensions within contemporary society among the multiplicity and fragmentation of its language. Except the public actions, her installations incorporate drawings, screen prints, videos and writings. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Europe. She lives and works in Athens OFFENCE vs DEFENCE (2018)

Eva Giannakopoulou

Eva Giannakopoulou, grew up in Ithaca, Greece and she is currently residing in Athens where she works. In the past she has lived in Naples, Barcelona, Istanbul, Berlin and in other places depending on the circumstances. She has performed and exhibited in museums, institutions, galleries, festivals, impromptu stages and other public or unconventional sites in Greece, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and Serbia including Benaki Museum, Athens (The Same River Twice, 2019 and The Equilibrists, 2016, both organized by The New York Museum, New York and the DESTE Foundation), Athens Biennale 2018: ANTI and Athens Biennale 2015-2017 OMONOIA (2016), Material Art Fair (Mexico City, 2017), Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Berlin (solo show, 2015), MPA-B, Berlin (2015 and 2014), Excentricités 3 and 6 Performance Festival, Besançon (2015 and 2012), Action Field KODRA, Thessaloniki (2012), 3rd Art Biennale MIET, Thessaloniki (2011). She has studied History of Art in Italy, Fine Arts in Greece and was recipient of IKY (State Scholarships Foundation) and Vikatos scholarships for her Masters “Space Strategies” at the Art Academy Weiβensee, Berlin, graduating in 2015 with honours under A. Creischer, A. Siekmann and K. Wildner. She has co-curated and co-organised art projects and performative events, while in 2013-2014, she was a co-labourer of the MPA-B (Month of Performance Art, Berlin). Eva was member of TWIXTlab, a space operating in-between, art, anthropology and the everyday. In January 2019 she co-founds Most Mechanics Are Crooks, an artistic and curatorial band that aims to reclaim insincerity as a tool of progressive discourse. at The Beach 2 (2017) at the Beach 3 (2019) gynaikopaida (2018) Undocumented documentations: on narratives, lessons and copyrights (2017)

Sofia Grigoriadou

Sofia Grigoriadou is Phd candidate in Social Anthropology (Panteion University, Athens), researching contemporary art in Skopje and in Athens and the ways it relates to the city. She holds an MFA degree from the Athens School of Fine Arts. She is a graduate of the A.S.F.A. (2013) and the Philosophical, Pedagogical and Psychological Department of the University of Athens (2006). She has participated in various exhibitions, conferences, research and artistic projects in Athens, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Skopje, and Beirut. She has curated, co-curated and co-organised artistic projects and exhibitions. She has organised and carried out artistic workshops and educational programs, and she has assisted at the A´painting workshop, ASFA. She collaborates with artists and anthropologists in the framework of TWIXTlab, an art project situated in between contemporary art, anthropology and the everyday. Béchamel (2017-19) Athens is the new Berlin is the new Athens (2018)

Nina Pappa

Born in Athens, Greece. Her work mainly refers to the tracking of time, to the human voice and to handwriting. Usually her work combines documentary features such as interviews, or recordings of people with particular codes of communication and behaviors. She also works with video / soundwalks. She has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. She is a founding member of the Errands group. She studied Painting and Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts, attended C.A.V.S., ΜΙΤ and holds a PhD from the School of Architecture, N.T.U.A. She is an Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, N.T.U.A., she lives and works in Athens, Greece. TIMED GAZINGS (2006) Intermediate Times (2011) The Lost Text (2019)      

Campus Novel

Campus Novel is an artist run group that was founded in November 2011. The group focuses on several aspects of the archaeology of the present as part of a retrospective practice seeking for new signifiers. Campus Novel projects encompass elements from different fields in order to suggest a dialectic form, free from any preallocated meaning. Campus Novel are Giannis CheimonakisGiannis DelagrammatikasFoteini Palpana, Yiannis Sinioroglou and Ino Varvariti. Rezeptionsästhetik (2017) buca #17 (2017) Anaplasis (2015)