Written by Yiannis Pappas

Production has almost entirely disappeared from the public surface in the Western world. In India, manufacturing and sales occur at the same place. The market is not only a meeting place for sellers and buyers, but also a space for creative work. Working hands and feet occupy even the smallest nooks. The video »work in progress« documents different artisanal processes in an encyclopedic manner. Artisanal work assumes a museal character through geographical delocalization.

Whether stationary or mobile, hawkers usually work by loud streets cries, chants or markets; most of the time exposed to public space, to the weather and to the urban sphere. Close up frames of hawker’s hands and feed are giving the information about their privet sphere; the limited space where they perform the tasks of their jobs. A third frame presents the whole environment of their dramaturgy; making clear the productive presentation of their goods. The video “working in progress” is a record of Bangalore’s people from all those that have something to declare and to share through their common “skin”, the street.

Video stills (3 channel video) © Yiannis Pappas
Video stills (3 channel video) © Yiannis Pappas

Interdisciplinary project «The Law of The Market» in cooperation of Academy of Arts in Berlin Weißensee departments MA Space Strategies and Visual Communication with the department of Visual Communication Design, School of Arts in Bangalore.
Yiannis Pappas – Kathrin Oberrauch