Written by Menti Mega


People never change.

Greece will never change.


These phrases are for ever imprinted on the mind of anyone, who has lived in Greece during the last forty years. But they are not innocent phrases, because language has the power to generate the reality it is describing.


How does one imagine and create a different reality?


Transforming Me is a meditation on personal and social transformation. The improvisational ‘transformation’ form upon which the piece is based, models the shifts through familiar into unfamiliar, through repetition and tipping points, through fear and hope.


Transformation is not a sudden change; it emerges slowly as we allow our bodies to inhabit difference. And yet our lives are full of sudden external shifts and multiple stimuli, in the face of which one needs to perform a uniquely personal balancing act.


Medie Megas grew up in a bilingual context, constantly shifting between different cultural forms, behaviours and expectations. InTransforming Me she asks the question how does personal transformation relate to social transformation and what role do perception, consciousness and intention play in this process?




Choreography: Medie Megas

Dramaturgy: Dr. Kate Adams

Original music: Chrysanthos Christodoulou

Light design: Tasos Paleoroutas

Set design: Vasilis Gerodimos

Production: Medie Megas

Coproduction: MIRfestival (GR) as part of European Network Open Latitudes (3) (Latitudes Contemporaines (FR) Vooruit (BE) – L’Arsenic (CH) – Body/Mind (PL) – Teatro delle Moire (IT) – Sin Arts Culture (HU) – Le Phénix (FR) – MIR Festival (GR) – Materiais Diversos (PT) ) funded by the European Union.


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Transforming Me, a bilingual solo, Menti Mega © Νίκος Ηλιόπουλος
Transforming Me, a bilingual solo, Menti Mega © Νίκος Ηλιόπουλος