Written by Sofia Grigoriadou

Experiencing and researching changes taking place in Athens between 2008 and 2016, I produced a tourist guide and platform that deals with the city, using strategies such as over-identification and subversive affirmation.
From the guide’s intro: “Exceptional ATHENS is a cultural platform that focuses on the economic and tourism development at the centre of Athens. Despite the economic downturn -or, thanks to it- the city is a highly attractive tourist destination. The platform´s main goal is the promotion of the Greek capital as the tourist destination in a state of exception par excellence. It offers visitors the chance to experience the city´s subversive aura, to immerse themselves among its multiculturalism and to drift in the beautifully decadent city centre. Providing innovative services and products that have been missing from the market and familiarizing the visitors with migration and insurgent enclaves, it introduces a new era for Greek urban tourism.”

Exceptional Athens (2015-present), Sofia Grigoriadou