Written by Marinos Koutsomichalis-

The venture revolves around a DIY intelligent headset that is capable of EEG (electroencephalography), algorithmic sound synthesis and machine learning, as well as around co-design and do-it-with-others tactics so as to eventually celebrate laboratory experimentation/praxis as a valid way to both produce and exhibit art. The artists original prototype is designed to constantly monitor neurophysical activity and to adapt to it, so that it ever generates those particular kinds of sounds that are most likely to inhibit concentration. In this manner, direct man-machine coupling is hindered and the subjects cerebral rhythms are ever-destabilised. In doing so, the artist intends to bring forth a new kind of uncannymeta-mind; one that is cybernetically enacted on top of machine learning schemata, neuro-feedback and bio-technological autopoiesis. With this technology as a point of departure, and embracing the open-source software/hardware paradigm, ‘Inhibition’ suggests itself as an open-ended do-it-with-others experimental laboratory. It calls for hands-on audience participation and community-driven experimentation. Electronic schematics, 3d-printable/cnc-millable models and code are all made available at a dedicated web-site where audiences may also socialise with one another, contribute technical matter, and upload images/video showcasing their own creative outcomes. Local audiences are invited to create their own individuated headsets in dedicated workshops facilitated by the artist and under his direct supervision/mentorship. Audiences are further asked to exhibit their creations alongside the artists original prototype, and to participate in collective performances, technological showcases and impromptu EEG musicensembles.


© Marinos Koutsomichalis


© Panagiotis Gouburos