Written by Marinos Koutsomichalis-

Sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja’ is part of a broader and rather ambitious art/research endeavour – that is, the hyper-constructive project – aiming at an unconditional and multi-level exploration of landscapes in a materialist, maximalist, poetic, and dark-ecological fashion. In this particular case, the focus is on the North Nordic region and on the artists personal (un)makings of, and creative responses to, it. A wide array of probes are employed to this end, ranging from notebooks, to standard audio/video/photo recording equipment, to specialised hydrophones, electromagnetic sensors and data acquisition APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Data sonification and visualisation are an important aspect of the project, so that data concerning energy consumption, weather change, seismic activity, fish migration, and spatial distribution of marine population have been retrieved from a wide range of scientific portals and employed accordingly. Sāk vitt ok vītt of verǫld hverja’ eventually resolves in a series of multimedia performances, a specialised instrument to facilitate the former, a full-featured cinematic film, a big database of imagery, video, audio and micro-compositions thereof, sonifications/visualisations of data, food recipes, textiles, clothing, printouts, and miscellaneous other physical objects.