Written by Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri-


The installation is partially made out of organic matter (cracker bread) in a constant process of shaping and reshaping materials, which in turn leads to a process of shaping and reshaping sound. Several identical organic wheels (bitten round cracker bread) are available to bebe motorized and placed on sandpaper-covered stands to create friction.

The visitors can bite the rotating bread wheel without using their hands (in a movement that evokes an animal picking on food). Every bite can cause form modifications, sound-output adjustments and timbre, rhythm and structural changes. The risk of biting over someone else’s bite also comes in. The leftovers of these actions are continuously rotated, the shapes of the bread wheels gradually reduced through contact with the sandpaper evoking a natural decay. The wheel can break into small parts, to shape the overall composition in such a manner that different loops of rhythm and textures occur across the nine mechanisms. The work intentionally uses easily shaped material that can break at any time. The installation ends once there is no more organic material or sound remaining. The artwork makes food and food consumption visible and sensed – it gives bread a voice and gives patterns of consumption a soundprint, inviting us to hear the complex and unexpected sounds of consumption.

Μotor, dry rye bread, sandpaper, mechanical parts. Size variable. Installation view: 7 – 30 Jan 2022, Galerie Anhava Video and images by Aleksandra Oilinki